Spirit Boards

Spirit boards are perfectly safe, IF used correctly. Misuse of a board or not protecting yourself & space beforehand can allow unwanted spirit to visit. To make sure your experience is a good one follow some simple steps.

  • Prep your area ~ set up your board, have a notebook and specific questions ready, but be open to the messages that may come about in different ways.
  • have everyone in the room (even if not working with the board) cleanse their mind, and remove frustrations of the day.
  • Use an Angel / Spirit Board and begin with "I call upon the angels and beings of love and light, to come forth to work with us today. Only those of Light and Love are allowed".  ~  Emphasis only those of love light, love and good intention. 

Thank Spirit and release at the end. " Thank you for participating with us tonight, go if you must but stay if you will."  or  "Thank you for participating with us today, feel free to depart back to the spirit world."


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