Cauldrons have appeared within mythology, mystical lore, and even traditional stereotypes for hundreds of years. Today, we frequently use them in Wicca and other traditions much as they were described within Celtic mythology, where they represented tools of rebirth and renewal. The Cauldron can also represent the womb of the Goddess, and therefore can be used within fertility rites and the assorted rituals we might use seeing spiritual growth and enlightenment. On the practical side of things, they can be used for offerings and make for a handy incense burner as well!

Ribbed cast iron cauldron 3"

Of a rather unique design, this black, Cast Iron Cauldron is a solid tool for any altar. Set upon three legs, it starts wide at its base and tapers gently to a narrower mouth. wt 2.48#


  • 2.5 lb
  • Ships within 5-15 days

Cast Iron Cauldron 3"

A small cast iron cauldron perfect for offerings, burning incense, and placing on your altar. wt .86#


  • 0.9 lb
  • Ships within 5-15 days

Pentagram Cast Iron Cauldron 3 1/2"

This cast iron pentagram cauldron is a miniature ritual tool embossed with a pentagram perfect for those who either don’t have much space or work their magic on the move.


  • 1.3 lb
  • Ships within 5-15 days

Brass Cauldron 3"

Decorated with a pentagram, this small brass cauldron is a wonderful vessel for burning your ritual use. 3"


  • 0.6 lb
  • Ships within 5-15 days

Cast Iron Cauldron 6"

From the base of its three legs to the top of its fold-down carry handle, this cast iron cauldron is simple and unadorned. Dimensions 6" wide x 2 3/4" high, inside dim 4 1/8". wt 2.6


  • 2.6 lb
  • Ships within 5-15 days