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Calling Spirit when Working or Reading Tarot Have your table set the way you want it for the working or reading. If you are doing a scrying have your scribing item available. If you are doing a reading have your cards in hand. Calm yourself. No matter if it is your first time or your hundredth the first thing to do is rid yourself of all of the daily stresses. Go to the room/location you are going to call Spirit. Close your eyes. Take some slow deep breaths. Clear your mind. Once you are calm...
Calling a Spirit is a great way to connect yourself with the energies around you, and to bring forth the Spirit to help you with what you are about to do. Whether you are casting a circle or just needing some extra help with asking a question on your tarot spread; Spirits, Guardians, or Spirit Guides are here to help us with our life challenges here on Earth. All we have to do is be willing to listen.
I am so excited to have the website up! I have been adding items to it for what seems forever, yet not even half of them are available now. It is going to be so great, because everytime someone comes back to my website they will be like "what new things have been added today?" or I didn't see this before! - me ~ that's because I literally just got that activated today :) I have so many areas of distribution I am working with. some overseas some here in the USA.