Bath Oils and Herbs

4oz Seven holy Hyssop bath oil

Hyssop Bath Oil is intended to bring the protective powers of Hyssop into your ritual baths, a powerful herb said to offer protection from all manner of evil. 4oz


  • 0.4 lb
  • Ships within 3-5 days

7 Holy Spirit Hyssop bath oil

7 Holy Spirit Hyssop Bath Oil has been created to use within your ritual blessings to bring the protection of Hyssop into your life and home. 8oz


  • 0.6 lb
  • Ships within 3-5 days

Money Drawing bath oil With Gold

Sprinkle a small amount of this glittering gold oil into your bath waters and help bring wealth and prosperity into your life. 2oz


  • 0.2 lb
  • Ships within 3-5 days