Are there different types of Witches?

There are many kinds of witches, even though many classifi themselves in just one or two categories, higher witches have learned to use multiple ways of magic in their workings. Here is a Great starter list to get you to understand the difference in the types of witches out there. and maybe help you decide which kind of witch you are and maybe didn't even know it.  


  •   Hedge Witch is a modern guide to the ancient path of the village wisewoman or wiseman. Written in the form of letters from an experienced witch to her two apprentices, solitary witchcraft is offered, not as a substitute for coven worship, but as a fulfulling lifestyle in its own right. ~ Also known as an astral title, a type of magick that is oriented around more spiritual work; astral travel/projection, lucid dreaming, spirit-work, healing, and out-of-body experiences are all practices included in this magick
  •   A Dream Witch is a possible variation of Hedge witch. There mindful and internal magickal practice are mainly based from interpreting dreams and/or engaging in lucid dreaming. Those who intensify as this may “de-code” symbols and messages in the dream world similar to how one would use a divination technique.
  •   A Green Witch is normally someone who practices Natural Witchcraft. Someone who works with the Earth and the Universe around them. A Green Witch also works with the energies of natural objects like stones,gems,herbs,animals,and the elements. We also incorporate the Fey folks in our Magick. ~ Utilizing greenery/plants/herbs/flowers in herbal and natural magick, such as creating blends of different plants or using primarily herbs in spellwork
  •    A Garden Witch uses magick that is mostly (if not all) herbal and botanical-related! Garden witches take pride and find it calming or invigorating to work the earth, harvest that which they have planted, and are closely related to Green type Witch
  •    A Flora Witch is much like a Green or Garden witch. They work majorly with floral materials and flowers in their practice and spellwork! Their grimoire may be heavily associated with flowers rather than herbs, and likewise, use flower properties in their spells or craft work.
  •   A Gray Witch, or neutral witch, is a practitioner of magic that does not harm nor benefit others. Gray magic witches will mostly benefit and harm at the same time, creating a neutral or balanced effect. 
  •   A Bone Witch commonly collects, cleans, and use animal bones in their magickal practice. Materials used by those who identify as a Bone witch are usually collected peacefully or after the being has passed on naturally! They uses them with their altar magick, or infuse charms or jewelry. 
  •   A Kitchen Witch is a Witch who focuses his or her magical practice on the home and hearth and uses things commonly found in the kitchen as magical tools. kitchen witch doll, is a puppet or homemade doll resembling a stereotypical witch or crone displayed in residential kitchens as a good luck charm. and ward off bad spirits. ~ Magick that is worked specifically through “kitchen craft” such as herbal mixtures, brewing, baking, and cooking, and honors many aspects of the natural world: including herbs, crystals, fey, and the elements
  •   Cottage Witch / Hearth Witch or Scandinavian Witch are a variation from the kitchen Witch. focuses his or her magical practice on the home and hearth, the Magick is weaved, worked, or embued into mundane tasks around the house or for loved ones, and may be worked into daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, or any hobbies
  •   A Tea Witch loves Tea and the magic within it. They drink tea, make tea, use tea-leaf divination, or enjoy blending herbal remedies! A variant of Kitchen/Cottage witch
  •   Black Witch. A witch who practices magic for the purposes of evil. In medieval times such a person may have been called a sorcerer. In the Santería religion a black witch (also known as a mayombero”) is a “santero” who specializes in necromancy, revenge and the destruction of human life.
  •   Sea witches are traditionally women with a magical bond or power regarding the sea, they draw their energy from the sea, or other aspects of seafaring life. They usea type of magick derived from materials and abstract ideas involving the ocean and oceanic world. Sea/Ocean magick can be worked using seashells and bones, sea weed, beach sand, driftwood, ocean water, etc. 
  •   A Storm or Weather Witch uses magick that is worked by combining one’s energy with the energy of the weather, and most commonly rain. Weather witches will do things like collect rain/snow water, absorb the energy of a lightning storm, this dose not mean chasing lightning itself or getting hit by it. No, insead they use the storm to manipulate wind clouds rain as well as predict or change the weather.
  •   Elemental - Magick that is worked by honoring/acknowledging the 4 or all 5 elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Spirit. Commonly an Elementalist will dedicate different areas of their altars to each element, call upon them during spells and rituals, and use symbols to represent each
  •           Water - Specifically centered on the element of Water; water scrying, collecting sea/storm/snow/river/spring water, swimming/bath spells and other water-related actives, creating and using symbols associated with water
  •           Earth - Specifically centered on the element of Earth; grounding exercises, rock/soil collecting, strong appreciation of the natural world, creating and using symbols associated with earth
  •           Air - Specifically centered on the element of Air; working with wind, using air-related tools (such as the wand), creating and using symbols associated with air
  •         Fire - Specifically centered on the element of Fire; Using anything fire-related (bonfires, candles, burning objects) in most spellwork, creating and using symbols associated with fire
  •    A Tech witch is a modern witch. They use their magick skillfully through technology! A tech witch will most likely have at least a few magickal apps on their phone, digital sigils, or an online/digital BoS and/or Grimoire


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